Charlino Sport is a line designed for every type of lady who wants to look stunning even in sportswear. Bold colors, broken silhouette and quality meteorology are part of the views of the fashion house for the vision of a brave and daring woman but at the same time gentle, refined and graceful.

This women's team is for you if you are looking for suitable sportswear or comfort in everyday life. It is made of smooth fabric and is in contrasting colors. The upper part is broken and the legs of the bottom are narrowed to combine the sporty look with the comfort. The combination of colors with the flowing asymmetrical shapes is the fresh and modern offer, with which you will always look up-to-date and different.

If you want to play sports or just go for a walk with this team, we guarantee that you will not go unnoticed.

It is made of completely innovative fast-drying and absorbent fabric creating a feeling of exceptional comfort and dryness of the body.

Innovative design, cut-out upper part, lower hour type wedge with elastic waist for maximum comfort.

Color combination.

Suitable for all seasons.

Possibility to combine a leggings with a bustier or top of the same series.

Each of the models is developed in three parts - upper part (blouse) lower part (sports leggings) and tank top - bustier. This gives you the opportunity to choose how to combine your sports team for greater convenience and comfort.

Top proposal for a perfect combination of fashion and sports in one.